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Cat Friendly Animal Hospital




We are pleased and honored to announce that Summit Blvd. Animal Hospital has earned certification as a Gold Status "Cat Friendly Practice" by the American Association of Feline Practitioners. This prestigious certification shows we have gone the extra mile to provide facilities and protocols to make sure our feline friends are as comfortable as possible when they come into our hospital. We offer special cat handling techniques that completely cater to the needs of feline patients, such as special rooms and pheromone sprays.

     Our focus has always been to provide the best wellness care to all our feline patients in order to prevent disease. Remember, cats are notorious for hiding illness and it can be too late when the owner recognizes their symptoms at home.

      The short list of health problems that cats easily hide are heart disease, painful dental infections, kidney disease, thyroid disease, and even high blood pressure. These problems may be well advanced before the cat will show signs of being ill.  In our cat friendly animal hospital, we are well equipped to diagnose diseases early and prevent or treat the pain and suffering involved in being ill and not being able to tell anyone. It is our sincere desire to keep your pets healthy and happy as long as possible. By preventing diseases, you will also avoid expensive emergency hospital visits.