Endodontics-Root Canal Treatment

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Endodontics-Root Canal Treatment.

We offer Endodontics, Root canal treatment at Summit Boulevard Animal Hospital Advanced Pet Dental Center.

Fractured teeth are very common occurrence in dogs and cats, resulting from external trauma, or chewing on hard objects. Anyone who has experienced endodontic tooth pain in their own mouth can verify that this is very painful. Unlike people pets hide their pain. The absence of obvious signs of pain encourages owners to be unaware of or ignore the problem. Pets with broken tooth and with exposed root canal are affected locally as well as systemically. Ignoring broken exposed tooth is not a good option. The best option is root canal therapy. This involves removal of the diseased pulpal tissue. Clean and disinfected root canal and then filled with an inert material to prevent future bacterial contamination. Tooth colored restorations are then placed to seal the crown against further infection.