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About Frozen Semen

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Picture above shows a frozen semen litter from our Reproductive Center. The semen was extracted from dead male dog approximately one hour after the male dog was dead. This dead male Weimaraner belonged to a former CIA agent from Boca Raton, Florida and three years after freezing the semen from this dead male we inseminated his frozen semen and produced 5 live healthy puppies.

In our facility, we collect, process, freeze semen with association of Synbiotics Corporation. Frozen semen will be stored at Synbiotics long term storage facility. Frozen semen is stored in liquid nitrogen tanks at minus-322 degrees Fahrenheit. Electricity is not required and power outages will not affect storage of frozen semen. 
This semen can be kept indefinitely. The frozen semen can be used even after the death of the stud. Our Florida Animal Reproductive Center and Frozen Semen Bank is an approved facility by the American Kennel Club.

What are the Advantages of Frozen Semen? 

  • Semen can be collected and stored at optimum or peak maturity age.
  • Preservation of high quality genes after the death of stud or deceased stud.
  • Frozen semen can be shipped anywhere in the world without shipping the stud.
  • Control of sexually transmitted diseases by avoiding the direct contact of stud and the bitch.
  • No need to ship the bitch.
  • Indefinite storage of semen for future use.