Summit Boulevard Animal Hospital - June Special

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We stress proactive, preventive care above all at our hospital, and we want to help pet owners with financial issues get their pets what they need during select times on Wednesdays   at Summit Boulevard Animal Hospital. Your pet will receive a full physical exam, core annual vaccinations due, an intestinal parasite exam, and a heartworm test (for canines) at 50% off the regular price all day on Wednesdays & Saturday afternoon.

Just like you change the oil in your car to prevent engine damage, your pet also needs routine preventive care to keep them healthy, happy and extend their life as long as possible.

Did you know? One year between exams for a dog or cat is like every seven years for a human.

Further, pets cannot tell you what is wrong with them. Only in the later stage of a disease will you potentially observe symptoms of the disease, and it may be too late to reverse it by then. We strongly advise preventive wellness exams every six months to keep your pet healthy.

50% off on Wednesdays - From 8 AM to 5 PM

Preventive care is key to your pet's overall health!

Vaccines and regular health exams are key preventive care measures, and they are critical to the well-being of your pets to help protect them from potentially deadly infectious diseases. For example, the Parvo disease can kill a puppy within 24 hours. Dogs will develop permanent brain damage even if they are lucky enough to survive the deadly Canine Distemper disease. Leptospirosis disease will cause damage to the kidneys of both dogs and people if contracted. Intestinal parasites are zonootic and affect both people and pets. We recommend intestinal parasite exams every six months to prevent the infestation of pets and people.

Cats of all ages and even strictly indoor cats are susceptible for respiratory diseases like Rhinotracheitis. This disease can cause great suffering and even death.

Summit Boulevard Animal Hospital recommends:

Canine Package includes:
Healthy pet exam
Parvo virus vaccine
Rabies vaccine
Distemper, hepatitis, para-influenza vaccines
Occult heartworm blood test
Intestinal parasite exam
Bordetella bronchiseptica/tracheobronchitis vaccine

Regular cost $174.20

50% off cost $87.10

Feline Package includes:
Healthy pet exam
Feline Rhinotracheitis, Calici virus, Chlamydia vaccines
Feline Leukemia vaccine
Intestinal parasite exam
Rabies vaccine

Regular cost $153.20

50% off cost $76.60

Remember, your pets depend on you to take care of them. Keeping our patients happy and healthy is our number one priority, and we encourage everyone to take advantage of our June Special to take care of your important family members.