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Laser Ear Crop

Doberman Pinscher 


                       Cane Corso                      

Doberman Pre and Post Laser Ear Crop Surgery

Great Dane 3 Weeks Post Laser Ear Crop Surgery

Ear Crop Pit Bull

   Doberman 3 Weeks Post Laser Ear Crop Surgery

Ear Crop Schnauzer

Ear crop-Dobermen Pinscher

Ear Cropping is a surgical procedure that reshapes the ear flap (pinna) to make it a certain shape. 
*     This helps make the ears stand up. 
*     This is an elective procedure that is done to achieve a look that is consistent with breed standards. 
*     Breeds that commonly have the ears cropped are Boxers, Great Danes, Doberman Pinschers, Miniature Pinschers, Schnauzers, Bouviers des Flandres, American Pit Bull and Staffordshire Terriers.
Ear cropping is done on puppies between 8 to 12 weeks of age
We require pre-surgical blood work to evaluate the patient before surgery, and vaccinations must be current
Ear crop procedure is performed at our hospital with surgical laser equipment.
Advantages of laser surgery are:
1. Minimal to no bleeding resulting in clear view of surgical field allowing the surgeon to perform precise surgical procedure
2. Less Pain
3. Quick return to normal activities. Recovery is rapid
4. Minimal Scar Tissue Formation
5. Less Trauma to Tissue
6. Less Swelling
7. Shorter surgery and anesthesia time
8. Shorter hospitalization
9. Laser also offers better surgical options for breeds with higher incidence of bleeding diseases (Doberman Pinscher).
10. Reduces risk of infection. The laser sterilizes as it removes diseased tissue, killing bacteria that cause infection
11. Precision. The laser can remove unhealthy tissue while minimizing adverse effects on healthy surrounding tissue
Dr. Arun is one of the few Veterinarians in the United States to offer this advance Laser surgery Ear crop procedure.
Prior to Ear crop surgery your pet will receive
*   Pre-surgical pain medication
*     The patient is placed under general anesthesia
*     The hair on and around the ears is clipped and surgically prepared
*     The ear is measured and carefully marked
*     Using sterile procedure, the marked area is removed with surgical laser
*     The surgical site is sutured in a manner that will create the most cosmetic closure
*      Ears are taped in order to train the cartilage of the pinna to stand
The patient is carefully monitored in our surgical recovery room until he/ she is fully awake
Post Operative care for Ear Crop
*     Suture removal should be done in 14 days
*     Be sure to give the antibiotics and pain medication as directed
*     Keep the taped ears clean and dry
*     Monitor for any odors coming from the bandage
*     Make sure that your puppy does not scratch or rub at the bandages
*     Let us know if you have any questions or concerns

If you would like to know more about ear cropping and if it is right for you and your pet,  give us a call: 561-439-7900