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Laser Ear Crop

Doberman Pinscher 


                       Cane Corso                      

Doberman Pre and Post Laser Ear Crop Surgery

Great Dane 3 Weeks Post Laser Ear Crop Surgery

Ear Crop Pit Bull

   Doberman 3 Weeks Post Laser Ear Crop Surgery

Ear crop is performed with surgical laser equipment at our hospital. Laser ear crop has the following advantages over traditional scalpel blade ear crop:

 1. Minimal to no bleeding, resulting in a clear view of the surgical field - therefore allowing the surgeon to perform a precise surgical procedure

2. Less pain

3. Quick return to normal activities. Recovery is rapid!

4. Minimal scar tissue formation

5. Less trauma to tissue

6. Less swelling

7. Shorter surgery and anesthesia time

8. Shorter hospitalization