Heartworm Prevention

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NEW:  Heartworm Preventive injection...

ProHeart 6 ::Six Months of Protection

Protect your dog from heartworms for six full months with just one injection.

ProHeart 6 provides protection against heartworms as well as treats larval and adult hookworms* present at the time of injection. One single dose provides six months of continuous protection. 

Did you know: as many as 60% of pet owner's forget to administer heartworm pills every 30 days.

Cost, few dollars more than the pills. You will never miss giving heartworm preventive. We will give you an appointment every 6 months, send post cards and will call to remind you to protect your pet.

Once your  pet has two negative heartworm blood tests (6 months or more) you will have the the guarantee of free heartworm treatment if your pet contracts the disease while on proheart preventive.