Anesthesia-Free Dentistry

Summit Blvd Animal Hospital and Laser Center

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 It will be impossible to ask your pet to keep their mouth wide open for over 30 minutes, in order to scrape below the gum line to remove subgingival plaque and tartar that causes periodontal disease, without the discomfort/pain that we all go through when undergoing teeth cleaning ourselves. Remember, anesthesia-free dentistry is a simple cosmetic cleaning above the gum line, and it will be impossible to take the required dental X-rays to detect hidden dental diseases and to perform subgingival plaque/tartar removal.  Your pet will not benefit from this non-anesthetic dental work. Most of us who try to brush our pets know how difficult it is to do simple brushing, and imagine how difficult it will be to do deep cleaning below the gum line while your pet is awake.

The advances in modern inhalant anesthetics and monitoring equipment have made current anesthetic dental procedures much safer. Testing your pet's blood and performing an ECG screening and IV fluid therapy will further minimize the anesthetic risks.

It is very important to provide your pet with pain-free dental procedures that will help the veterinarian to take dental X-Rays, clean and remove all subgingival plaque and tartar from the oral cavity, polish teeth, and apply fluoride and dental sealant. Only a proper dental procedure by a veterinarian will benefit your pets.