Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery

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Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery & Pet Dental Center

Oral surgery, including Maxillofacial reconstruction surgery, Maxillofacial fracture repair, rhinotomy, nasal turbinotomy, sinusotomy, mandibulectomy, maxillectomy, root canal therapy & surgical tooth extractions and pain management are performed at Summit Boulevard Animal Hospital.

Proper dental care is important to your pet's health and well-being. At Summit Boulevard Animal Hospital, we have the equipment and skill to perform routine teeth cleaning, extractions, root canal therapy, laser gingivectomy, extensive periodontal procedures, and more.

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                                                                          Veterinary Endodontics


In fact, almost anything your dentist does for you can be done for your pet. Dental disease is the number one problem diagnosed in pets. Tooth pain hurts your pet, just like it hurts people. Most pets require once a year dental cleaning, polishing, fluride and oravet (dental sealent) application. Small pets, like Yorkies and toy poodles, may need dental cleaning every six months.
At Summit Boulevard Animal Hospital, we have the special equipment, instruments, and materials needed to perform dental procedures correctly. We are one of the very few animal hospitals that offer pet dentistry, including endodontics, in Florida. Our animal hospital is equipped with digital state-of-the-art dental X-ray equipment and digital intra-oral camera. Our digital dental equipment has helped us improve the quality of our dental services we provide at our hospital.

The following digital intraoral pictures show resorptive lesions. These resorptive lesions/cavities are extremely painful. Studies show that two out of three geriatric cats have resorptic lesions. We urge you to make a dental exam for your pet today.