Paying It Forward

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Paying it Forward............


I owe my health to my respiratory doctor.  Twelve years ago, I became constantly tired and sleepy.  I repeatedly refused to undergo a sleep study, against the many requests by my pulmonary doctor.  Fortunately, this doctor never gave up on me.  After enlisting my wife's help, he finally forced me to undergo a sleep study.  After confirming his suspicion of sleep apnea, he then prescribed CPAP machine therapy.  The doctor's determination to help me, even after my repeated refusals, has contributed to my current good health.  I will be forever grateful to this wonderful, dedicated physician, Dr. Merganthalar, for the rest of my life.  It is my sincere desire to pay this dedication forward to all of my animal patients.


Dr. Arun

Summit Boulevard Animal Hospital

Laser Surgery & Pet Dental Center