Pet Grooming Special

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Spring Pet Grooming Special


Did you know?

Dog grooming isn't a canine luxury. It's a necessity, and it doesn't have to break the bank.

We are now offering $5.00 off pet grooming until July 30, 2017. Please mention coupon code 07017,  to receive this discount.

Keeping your pet well groomed not only makes for a clean-smelling companion, it also helps keep your dog more comfortable and allows you to spot health problems before they become serious, or even life-threatening.

How important is grooming to your pet's comfort and health?

Regular grooming allows you to look for lumps, bumps, skin disease and injuries, all while clearing mats and ticks from his coat. You can follow up with our veterinarian on any questionable masses our groomer finds, and you may detect cancer early enough to save your pet's life.

Our pet groomers are available daily to help your pet, call us today at 561-439-7900 to schedule your pet's grooming.

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