Pharmacy - Summit Blvd Animal Hospital and Laser Center - West Palm Beach, FL

Summit Blvd Animal Hospital and Laser Center

4444 Summit Boulevard
West Palm Beach, FL 33406



Our Veterinary Pharmacy is well stocked with most animal medications.

Please call ahead to ask our staff to prepare your medications early to avoid any delays. You may order your pets medications via the Pet Portal as well.

If you are unable to drive to our hospital to pick up medications and pet foods, you may also request to ship them directly to your home. There is no charge for shipping if you order 50 lbs. or more of pet food. 

In addition, we also carry the following:

  • Vitamins
  • Flea & Tick control products
  • House treatments for Fleas with insect growth regulators
  • Yard & Kennel treatments
  • Medicated shampoos
  • Soap-free shampoos for regular use
  • Monthly heartworm preventives
  • Ear cleaning and drying solutions
  • Worming products

We offer a Veterinary Pharmacy at our hospital in addition to the services of a compounding pharmacist. If you find it difficult to administer oral medications, including tablets, please notify our staff. We may be able to make the medications in other forms, including topical applications and adding flavors that your pet may like.