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Services - Florida Animal Reproduction Center & Frozen Semen Bank

Approved Frozen Semen Facility by the American Kennel Club
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SEE OUR SUCCESS: The pictures above show some of the puppies fertilized and delivered at our facility in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Florida Animal Reproductive Center offers reproductive services for dogs and cats at our West Palm Beach, Florida, USA location. We provide the following reproductive services for Canines and Felines. 

    • Infertility workup for males and females
    •  Genetic testing-DNA based diagnoses and information about inherited diseases of dogs.
    • Precise stage of estrus,and ovulation timing
    • Breeding management programs
    • High Risk Pregnancy Management
    • Cooled semen shipment
    • Nutritional consultation
    • Sick neonate management
    • Kennel management consultation
    • OFA Hip & Elbow certification
    • Vaginal and Intra-Uterine surgical insemination
    • TCI - Trans cervical inseminations-Endoscopy assisted
    • Artificial inseminations cooled, fresh and frozen semen
    • Diagnosis and management of postpartum disorders(Eclamsia, Metritis etc.), mammary disorders
    • Medical management of pyometra
    • Induction of estrus
    • Electro-ejaculators
    • Reproductive ultrasound
    • Breeding soundness exam
    • Planned C-Sections with surgical Laser
    • Dystocia-Difficult whelping management during office hours only
    • Emergency Surgical pyometria-Ovariohysterectomy
    • Prostate disease (BPH)-Medical Management
    • Estrus Suppression
    • Elective abortion/termination of pregnancy
    • Pregnancy diagnosis with digital Ultrasound as early as 21 days post breeding
    • Semen collection-semen evaluations
    • Electronic semen counters
    • Semen freezing-Dogs only
    • Cryptorchid Laser surgery
    • Artificial inseminations fresh, chilled and frozen semen
    • DNA testing, paternity testing, custom design coat color litters