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Summit Blvd Animal Hospital and Laser Center

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West Palm Beach, FL 33406




We are proud in the quality of veterinary medical care that we provide to our patients. We place a special emphasis on preventative veterinary medicine which leads to a long and healthy life for your best friend. That's why we believe in a wellness program which could add years to your pet's life.

We are confident that our modern facility, with state-of-the-art medical diagnostic equipment, will help us to provide the finest care for your pets in a professional and caring environment.

We extend a sincere invitation to you and your family to come and visit our quality facility anytime.

Wellness care-Affordable Vaccinations

Internal Medicine

Dermatology-Skin diseases, Allergy testing etc.


Oral Surgery

Dental X-rays digital




Eye & Eyelid Surgery

Endocrinology-Management of Endocrine diseases- Cushings, Hyperthyroidism etc 


Infectious diseases


Soft tissue surgery

Orthopedic surgery

Laser Surgery

Oncology-Surgery, Surgical Tumor excision

Next Generation Anesthetics

Anesthetic Monitoring, Modern Surgery Suite

DNA Testing, Genetic disease rule out etc

DNA Extraction for dog cloning procedure and Cat Cloning procedure

Stem Cell Transplant - regenerative medicine - use of concentration form of adult stem cells to treat traumatic and degenerative diseases, including bowed tendons, ligament injuries, ostroarthritis and osteochondral defects in dogs

Behavioral Problems

Prescription & High Quality Pet Foods

Financing Plan-Care Credit

Multiple Pet Discounts

Comfortable AC Boarding

Abandoned Pet Adoptions

On-call Emergency Care

OFA Hip Certification

OFA Elbow Certification

OFA Thyroid Certification

Ear Diseases, Ear Video Imaging

Mechanical Ventilator, ICUs

Reproduction, Infertility, Frozen Semen Bank

Artificial Insemination, Fresh , Chilled & Frozen

Semen transport-Chilled and Frozen

Ear Crop surgery with surgical Laser

Declaw procedure with surgical Laser

Spay & Neuter surgery with Laser

In-House Laboratory

Pet Grooming

Safe and guaranteed effective flea/Tick Control products for sale

Arthritis & Pain Management

Microchip Identification (Home Again)

Telemedicine (Specialists: Radiologist, Cardiologist, Internist, Pathologist)

Geriatric Counseling - Senior Wellness Program

Blood pressure measurement

Eye pressure measurement-tonopen

Digital Ultrasonography

Digital X-Ray imaging