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Summer is here and it can be deadly for your pets.  When the dog cannot pant away the heat, his or her body will overheat.  Heatstroke that occurs as a result of physical activity or exercise usually takes place when pets are exposed to hot temperatures.  Leaving a pet in your car even for a minute is not advisable during summer months.  Brachycephalic pets like English Bull dogs, Pugs and French Bull dogs are very susceptible for heat strokes.  In these pets even a walk around the neighborhood to simple activities outside can cause heat stroke.  It is a good idea to avoid exercising or walking your pets during the middle of the day during summer months.  Heatstroke is a life threating emergency and should be treated immediately upon the recongnition of symptoms, which includes: excessive panting, profuse salivation, glazed eyes or staring, anxiety or restlessness, gums and tongue that appear bright red or purple, confusion, trouble standing or walking, collapse, and vomiting.  If you suspect that your pet is suffering from heatstroke try to cool your pet down by soaking pet with water and placing pet in front of a fan, and call us immediately.  Starting life saving therapy immediately will help to save your pets life.  Avoid use of ice or ice-cold water to cool pets, because this may lead to cooling the body too quickly.

How to avoid Heatstroke:
  • Keep pets inside
  • Provide fresh water 24/7
  • Keep pets well groomed
  • Weight control
  • Never leave your pet in a car
  • Do not exercise your pet during hot mid days