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Preventive Care

Increase your pet's chances to fight off diseases with regular wellness exams.

We provide comprehensive physical exam by our experienced well trained Veterinarians prior to administering annual and semi-annual preventive care vaccinations.

Our well trained experienced veterinarians who will provided you with one on one preventive care recommendations, including professional annual dental cleaning, nutritional advise, annual testing to rule out diseases, safe flea and tick control etc.

Older pets and pets on medications need to be examined more frequently and their blood and urine need to be tested to look for problems and signs of early diseases before your pet's get sick. Diseases detected early are easy to treat and cost less.

Your pet can not tell you if anything is wrong with them. Our veterinarians can diagnose signs of diseases early and treat them before they cause early demise of your pet.

The promotion of quality pet health care through a wellness program can add years of vitality and extend your pet's life. Our veterinarians can discuss our preventative health care programs that are specifically designed to help you provide the best possible care for your pet.

Everyone wants to keep their pets as long as possible without unnecessary suffering or illness. We know that it is much less costly to detect problems early rather than wait and treat an illness that becomes more advanced later on. Senior pet exams and profiles are beneficial for all pets older than seven years of age. At advanced age, comprehensive health screening blood tests to assess how well organs are functioning and to diagnose disorders such as diabetes, bacterial and viral infections, anemia and thyroid problems are a must. Urinalysis is a valuable index for kidney function and systemic diseases, intestinal parasite exam will detect parasites, chest X-rays can detect early tumor, size and shape of organs, including reduction in size, and accumulation of fluids, etc., and electrocardiogram can assess heart function. Finally, the entire health status of your pet and any needed future precautions, such as diet changes etc., can be discussed by the veterinarian at length. 

Our Summit Boulevard Animal Hospital is equipped with full in house laboratory and advanced medical diagnostic equipment like digital HD X-ray cloud equipment, digital HD Ultrasound equipment, endoscopy, Electrocardiogram, Doppler blood pressure measurement equipment, video otoscopy, Laser Therapy, Surgical Laser etc.

Our Veterinarians are trained in AFAST technology developed by human trauma surgeons and FAST DIAGNOSIS is our priority.

Keeping your pet healthy is your responsibility. Preventing disease is the most important investment you can make for your pet's life.

Please drop in at our hospital to take a tour of our state of the art Veterinary medical facility and talk to our veterinarians before you select an animal hospital for your pet care.