Why you should consider dental procedures only with us

Summit Blvd Animal Hospital and Laser Center

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Why should you consider having your pet's dental cleaning only done at Summit Boulevard Animal Hospital, Pet Dental Center and Oral Surgery Center?

We are one of just a few animal hospitals in the state of Florida with a fully equipped dental suite, and we have the essential dental equipment and specialized training required to operate the following specialized dental equipment to perform proper dental procedures.

This equipment includes:

a. Digital dental X-rays
b. Ultrasonic dental scaler
c. Bear Hugger Thermal Support System
d. Canis Major Specialized Dental Procedure Table
e. Baxter FloGard IV Pumps for controlled delivery of essential IV fluid therapy required during anesthetic procedures
f. Life Window Monitor - specialized anesthetic monitoring equipment
g. Ohmeda Specialized Inhalent Anesthesia Delivery System - to provide safe anesthetics. We use the same human inhalation anesthetics for our pet patients.
h. Acclaim Intraoral Digital Camera System to document pre and post dental procedure pictures.
i. Dentalaire high speed dental drill, low speed dental drill, and dental enamel polisher

Our focus on pet dentistry is to prevent periodontal disease and prevent oral pain and suffering in pets. At our dental center pet's teeth are scaled above and below gum line, polished, periodontal probing is performed, dental observations are charted and dental radiographs are taken to detect hidden dental diseases below gum line. Two thirds of our dog's and cat's teeth are under the gingiva (gums), and are not visible to the naked eye. Without dental X-rays, it will be impossible to detect tooth root disease.

In addition to our fully equipped pet dental suite Dr. Arun and his staff are highly focused on the diagnosis and treatment of pet dental diseases.

Attached, please find pictures of our dental suite.

To help pet owners, we are now offering FREE dental exams and 20% off dental cleaning during the month of August 2015.

Please call (561) 439-7900 to schedule your pet's dental exam and dental procedure today.