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Modern Digital X-Ray Imaging

No DescriptionDid you know that Summit Boulevard Animal Hospital is one of the very few animal hospital in the entire United States to provide digital high detail modern medical imaging?

Summit Boulevard Animal Hospital is a modern, progressive and state of the art veterinary facility. We continuously try to provide the latest technology available for our patients.

No DescriptionRadiographs or X-Rays are important for proper evaluation of a patient. Our state of the art digital X-Ray system help our Veterinarian to detect such problems as bone fractures and identify objects in the stomach, intestines and urinary tract. 

Another form of diagnostic imaging used at Summit Boulevard Animal Hospital  is an endoscopic image scanner which allows the Veterinarian to look into deep areas such as the ear canal and also will produce a photo of what is seen. Surgical procedures of deep structures can be performed with the help of this imaging equipment.

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Picture of a Demodectic mange mite using the digital image scanner.


No DescriptionNo DescriptionAnother form important diagnostic imaging tool used at Summit Blvd Animal Hospital  is our digital ultrasound or a sonogram. Instead of x-rays, sound waves are used to detect abnormalities. Dr. Arun is trained in the use of this equipment.